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This manual is referring to either beginners or advanced students.
The author’s goal is to help the performer play from low to moderate technical difficulty rhythmic patterns
in such a way that the same pattern is maintained and his style and rhythmic sense is varied altering rhythmic figures contained in it.
The analyzed patterns are part of a teaching course in which every drummer recurs in order to maintain or enhance his technique.
The author doesn’t want to present a new method but to contribute his teaching point of view into music bibliography.
The exercises are classified into categories depending on the contents of an original pattern which is the basis on which variants of rhythmic figures
will be developed in.
The patterns are ranked in numerical order based on the level of difficulty.

At this point, the performer must keep in mind to give all the rhythmic musicality that is required to the necessary exercises so that the result
is not only a legit but emotionally sterile rhythmic process but a full of personal feeling musical phrase

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